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Our Sunday classes have started for 2012. If you would like to hear Loppon's teachings, press the 'Play' button.
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Welcome to Sakya Kechari Institute

Sakya Kechari Institute is a Buddhist study and meditation centre in the Sakya Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. Its aim is to promote the understanding, study and practice of Tibetan Buddhism in Australia.
We hold regular meditation classes and Buddhist philosophy teachings. We aim to help students at all different levels of understanding and development of the spiritual practice.
Our teacher, Lama Loppon Tsering has a particular focus on integration of the philosophy, principles and mind-training into our daily lives. The ultimate goal of a Buddhist is to attain enlightenment. Loppon Tsering is proving guidance and teachings on the path to enlightenment.
Our daily life is considered to be the path to enlightenment. Loppon Tsering is giving practical advice and teaching how to understand ourselves, how our emotions affect our state of mind and our life, how to go beyond anger, aversion, craving and ignorance through mind training and meditation. We learn how to become better people, have better relationships with ourselves and others. Click here to find out more details.
Week 1 of Chapter 3 - 8th July
Week 1 of Chapter 4 - 29th July

Join us to watch 'Enlightenment Guaranteed' on the 26th August. Loppon Tsering will give an introductory talk and we will conclude with a short meditation after the movie.





Loppon Tsering is leading a very special workshop on the Four Seals of Dharma on the 12th August. Click here to find out more.

Loppon has shared two guided meditations with us. Click here to view them.

New details are available for the Monday Meditation class. Click here to find out more.

You can now watch the full Medicine Buddha Puja from 1st July. Click here to view.

Sunday Movie With SKI




One Day Meditation -
The Four Seals of Dharma

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